Denver Wedding Photographer – Sean & Alexis

Sean and Alexis’s story starts years and years ago growing up in the same town, attending the same schools, only to veer off on completely different paths and lose touch throughout college years. It wasn’t until both had happened to transplant themselves from the mid-west to Colorado to pursue their careers and life in Denver that their paths would cross again. Each alone, grabbing coffee on what seemed like a typical day, in a typical urban Starbucks Coffee shop, Sean recognized Alexis right away and said ‘hello’. The two connected again later and grew in friendship, sharing a rich commonality and similar interests that inspired each of them to move to Colorado – with that, what now permeates as a strong, comfortable, joyous couple of people who both clearly feel at home as long as they’re together. I was so honored to learn their story when they reached out to me on the search for a Denver Wedding Photographer.

Their wedding vows took place on what was an unusually warm (hot) April afternoon in Denver gathered in front of large stained glass windows of Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The rest of the evening was spent among one hundred+ dear friends and family and took place at the Artists Network in the art district of downtown Denver – a beautiful art gallery, complete with the most incredible local cuisine, cupcakes, dancing, and rocking out to arguably the best 80s cover band out there. With incredibly rich friendships, supportive family, and so much love around them, it was a joyous day to be a part of for everyone who was able to attend. Sean and Alexis, we all congratulate you on this journey ahead that you’re now on together, years of love and happiness to you!

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