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I have had many clients ask me time and again, “what to wear for our family photos?!” Deciding what to wear in family photos can be just as challenging as finding the perfect photographer. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be. So, I’ve gathered some simple tips, and cute examples from some of my most adorable clients to inspire your wardrobe selection for what to wear in your family photos.

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Color Coordinate, but don’t match TOO much. It used to be a thing – everyone would wear the exact same outfit: think jeans and a white shirt. I suggest mixing it up, being bold with your style and provide some different colors within a palette to add dimension and diversity to each photo. Choose a color scheme – mix and match colors so that everyone flows and coordinates. When I don’t know what colors I want to choose for a photo shoot, I choose one piece and build around it. Avoid colors or themes that are too seasonal if you’re desiring photos to display long-term. Since you ultimately want your pictures to be up all year long, you likely want to avoid being too seasonal, so you may want to skip Santa hats, reindeer ears or other crazy holiday attire for the entire shoot.

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Mix in Prints/Patterns with Solids – A little bit of texture or patterning can be a good thing to break up solid colors and provide more dimension and character to the style of your photos. Keeping these patterns subtle if you’re mixing more than one, or at least coordinated with your color scheme is key.

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Plan in Advance – The more time you allow yourself to decide what you would like everyone to wear, the more calm and prepared everyone will feel for the photo shoot. Waiting until two nights before the photo shoot is bound to add unnecessary stress. What if something you choose doesn’t fit, you can’t find the right shoes or your toddler refuses your chosen outfit? Allow for enough time to coordinate all of the pieces (with shoes and any accessories) and ensure that everything fits everyone before your photo shoot day. Once I have gathered items in the colors we’ve picked, I like to lay the pieces on the floor, and look at it from afar, take a picture of it, so I can see it from a different perspective.