Fort Collins Engagement Photographer // A Surprise Proposal

By December 19, 2015 Engagement Photographer

Chris found me on the hunt for a Fort Collins engagement photographer and arranged for a “holiday photo shoot” to capture a couple of images of them together for family members and seasons greetings. Little did Giselle know on this glowing December afternoon, the anniversary of the day that they first met, that a sweet surprise awaited her after a hike up the steep muddy hills (her in cute high-heeled boots) to overlook Horsetooth Reservoir. Just a few shots in as we warmed them up to the camera, I had them face each other in preparation for Chris to get down on one knee to ask Giselle to be his bride.  Of course, she said ‘yes’.

They both recalled their memories with me of the day they first met: Chris – “Giselle and I met late into my third semester at K-State when she came to my fraternity house one evening. She was sitting on a cooler and partying with my friends. I took a seat on the cooler next to her and struck up conversation. Quickly we realized our similarities in perspective and growing up abroad but finding each other in this small Kansas town. I loved the way she smiled and laughed, and was immediately swept up in her beauty. Her intelligence and confidence captivated me that night as it does to this day. Some of our favorite things to do together are playing sports and board games, visiting our friends and family and traveling. Last year we spent two months traveling Western Europe together.”

Giselle – “We talked for such a long time, and I just loved that he had lived abroad like I had. Fast-forward five years and here we are! Chris and I love to travel; it’s what originally drew us together when we met. We both had traveled a lot when we were young. Our dream wedding would be a destination wedding, hopefully somewhere warm! If that doesn’t work out we’d like to have a travel themed wedding with a view of the mountains here in Colorado. We just can’t wait to celebrate with all our friends and family!”

A lifetime of joy on the journey of life together to you both, congratulations.



Photos credit of Fort Collins Engagement Photographer, Jill Simonds // Simonds Photographic