Fort Collins High School Senior Photographer|Class of ’16

Karina is off to amazing things, and graduating Fort Collins High School this coming spring, 2016!  She is extremely smart, very engaged in her school, her friends there, and involved in leadership committees and sports. She enjoyed most the cheer team and the friendships she’s made that she will carry with her a lifetime. She has a calm spirit and caring demeanor that will make her an incredible fit for educating and caring for children just starting out in the world of schooling. We first met a couple of years ago when we moved in across the street. She’s always a cheerful face that can brighten anyone’s day and a favorite babysitter to our own daughters. I was honored she selected me as her Fort Collins High School Senior photographer. You’ve got a bright future, and hope the very best for you!

I thoroughly enjoy the bright students I get to meet and photograph in this time of their lives. As a Fort Collins High School Senior Photographer – students enjoy a full 1 hour session, all about them. Typically we allow enough time for a few outfit changes, including letter man jackets or anything personal to their own experience that they’d love to remember and take with them as memories. Seniors are at a tremendous stage in their lives, they have their whole future ahead of them and they aren’t afraid to think outside the frame for their photos. For many parents and families, the senior portrait has emerged as one of the biggest milestones, a moment to be frozen as this beautiful young adult emerges from childhood to anew stepping stone on their journey. I feel it is vital to talk with the future graduate, ask them questions, learn about their future plans; invest in who they are as a person so their pictures genuinely reflect their many talents and personality. I want to create images that are natural and reflect their inner spirit.

Fort Collins High School Senior Photographer Fort Collins High School Senior Photographer fort-collins-high-school-senior-photographer-4fort-collins-high-school-senior-photographerfort-collins-high-school-senior-photographer-5Fort Collins High School Senior Photographer fort-collins-high-school-senior-photographer-3Fort Collins High School Senior Photographer

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