Fort Collins Wedding Photographer // A Stylized Shoot

By December 17, 2015 Wedding Photographer

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Venue: The Preserve @ Bingham Hill, Fort Collins, CO

Florals: Tiffany Warble @ Handmade with Heart

Gowns: Dora Grace Bridal

Jewelry: Quintessence Jewelry

Makeup: Stephie King

A beautiful early-October evening in Fort Collins made for a perfectly warm and beautifully lit and colored setting for a simple, whimsical, rustic stylized wedding shoot. The location and evening was a photographer’s dream: The Preserve at Bingham Hill is situated at the base of the foothills just minutes west of Fort Collins, CO. With twelve acres of trees, rolling grassy lawns, large gardens, several water features and a pond teeming with trout, it truly is where nature, spirit and imagination come together.

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Stylized Shoots have become a very popular trend over the past few years. As a Fort Collins Wedding Photographer, I loved the idea of being able to show off more of my evolved style and different creative ideas. While the end result and goal of a these shoots is usually a blog full of perfectly staged pretty photos that can be used for advertising, there’s a lot more to be gained. The blog post, like the above that’s full of pretty photos is part of it, but that shouldn’t be the only inspiration for doing a stylized shoot. It’s everything else that goes into these shoots that make them so important. There are so many reasons I found this shoot to be such a great learning experience for my business. As a wedding photographer, this is your chance to be creative and try different techniques without the cost or risk at a real wedding or event. It felt so refreshing to take our time and make adjustments, do things until we got them right. I was about to push my comfort level without the fear of screwing up. Styled shoots are also a great opportunity to practice planning and execution skills. These type of shoots are great practice for planning out a shoot and bringing it to life. Wedding photography is about making your client happy. Stylized shoots are my chance to embark in the favorite pieces of a wedding that make me as a photographer really happy.

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