Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Tips for Capturing Everyday Life

The art of everyday photos and even my work as a lifestyle newborn photographer is about documenting daily life. For the amateur and even for my personal work, it’s your child’s first steps, the way your daughter twirls their dress, the first time they start to ride their bike, or anything you would normally run to grab your cell phone to quickly capture a photo. While smartphone cameras have improved in quality and power over the years, they’ve also grown increasingly expensive. And yet nothing beats the quality and depth of field you can create with a wide aperture from a quality lens and DSLR camera. The ability to capture raw files and process them, lens interchangeability, and being able to obtain superior images under even low light conditions, are just a few of the benefits. To add, the price for an entry level DSLR has also come down significantly over the past decade.

Capturing stunning documentation and lifestyle photography of your everyday life is possible! After some quality time photographing one of my favorite families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years, I’m sharing some lifestyle photographer tips and images from their newborn lifestyle session. A side congrats note to the Pitmon family for the addition of a beautiful baby boy to your family!

Look for the Details :
Capturing the details is about focusing on what the subject is actually doing versus photographing the entire subject which can take away from the story the image is trying to tell or convey. It could be something as simple as a kid holding a flower, or the way she touches her hair or smiles, or anything for that matter. I can certainly attest to the fact that children grow up fast and the memories in images and videos of them doing little fun things, their innocence is sometimes all we have to remember and treasure of their childhood.

Change Perspectives :

Some very ordinary moments can be extraordinary when we shoot from a unique perspective, such as from outside of a doorway, from above, or other angles that change the visuals a bit. Perspective can be anything. Utilizing your stairs for shooting through, or having your kid looking up at you while you click to emphasize scale are some commonly used techniques that can give an added boost to your images.


Natural Light! :
My family knows as soon as I’m up for the day, opening the blinds and curtains is one of the first steps to my day. I am a huge fan of light and letting light in. The biggest challenge with indoor photography is the availability of light and being able to use your camera under different lighting conditions. The quantity and quality of light change dramatically with different sky conditions. Regardless of the sky, however, try to shoot in the available natural light while keeping your subject close to the window.

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